About The Site

The blog that was a mere dream and interest for a long time, got finally started as a promise for myself to keep on writing from my third backpacking trip. By time, enjoyment and gained inspiration, it became evident to continue the project based on noteworthy memories and scribbled journals from my earlier trips. Nowadays I’m looking forward to sharing insights from just any upcoming and worthy adventure.

Instead of a ton of unnecessarily precise practical information, I concentrate on creating purely inspirational content on the overall phenomenon of traveling. My aim is to keep my posts enjoyable, highly visual and easy to read for the everyday dreamers at home. Positivity and wholesome experiences are important to me – but so is honesty. As a person hating the fake and set up travel content on social media, I am also capable of sharing the natural doubts and negative feelings that may occur on the road, as I strive towards authentic text.

Writing and creativity has always been to my liking, so “One On The Road” is a great way to share my vision on the world. The further I go, the more excited I am about making progress on my skills on writing, photography and website design to gather an inspiring audience.

You are most welcome to take a look around and leave a comment or two. I sincerely hope my blog with all it’s stories and pictures can offer you something new in terms of inspiration, knowledge or pure entertainment.