About Me


Scribbler wanna-be, solo traveler, eleutheromaniac

I’m a 28-year old guy originally from the quiet countryside of Southern Finland. After graduating as a Bachelor of Hospitality Management, I’ve mostly worked in sales and tourism industry during my last few hectic years of temporary jobs and traveling. Lately I’ve been focusing on freelance writing to both enjoy what I do and support a freer lifestyle that I highly value.

I’m all into discovering and gaining new experiences with an open mind. My passion, interests and love are mostly divided between backpacking, food culture, craft beer, bohemian lifestyle, people, ponchos, creativity, arts and the sociological and psychological aspects in life.

Doing things the different and personal way never seems like a bad option to me. The non-touristic and off the beaten track kind of destinations are where I often keep finding myself in. These and especially my love for mountainside will undoubtedly be featured in many posts to come.