Latvia Through The Lens

Even after traveling numerous exotic and amazing countries, I can claim there are not many places where I am as happy to return in as Latvia.

Throughout the last eight years, I’ve done several trips to the amazing Positivus Festival and short visits to see my local friends around. Eventually I even chose to do my half a year student exchange in Riga. Therefore it seems like my second home truly is as close as in the Baltics. This time I returned in the capital, Riga to stick around for one and a half months. As I was lacking a covid pass, I couldn’t do much more than what I had planned in the first place – take some time for myself.

Luckily the best part about Riga, in my opinion, is simply enjoying any daily walk of yours. Not only Old Riga (Vecrīga) but also the whole central district (Centrs) is full of beautiful and historical buildings. At least I could enjoy delicious Latvian craft beer on any of the cool hipster pubs and imaginative cafes of the city.

I’d sure have a ton to share about my beloved Latvia but this time I’m a little short on words. Let me just offer you a look around.

Strolling around Riga

Day trip to Kuldiga & Liepaja


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